Standing Stone School is a community Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6 school serving approximately 210 students. The school follows the Ontario curriculum with a strong Oneida cultural component. Our Early Years classrooms follow the full-day kindergarten model with a classroom teacher and a certified early childhood educator or educational assistant. The staff is committed to providing enriching learning opportunities for all children and continues to seek professional learning opportunities in order to stay current on changes in curriculum and teaching strategies.

Our Vision:

Standing Stone School is safe, accepting and respectful place to learn where all students have the opportuni-ty to reach their full potential.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a positive learning environment where everyone feels safe and cared for, and all students, staff and families feel accepted and valued. We demonstrate kindness and respect, and support one another by encouraging all students to reach their full academic, social, emotional and spiritual potential. Our actions reflect our Oneida teachings of friendship, respect, trust and peace.

Our Values:

  • We respect each other through our words and deeds
  • We trust each by telling the truth and supporting each other in good times and difficult times
  • We build positive relationships through friendship and leadership skills
  • We promote peaceful resolution to conflicts through dialogue and understanding

We are committed to being a safe and caring school. We have been taught our values through our families and at school, and know what is expected of each one of us. As a staff, we have clear policies and procedures that support a safe and caring school. We have a positive learning environment free of bullying, violent acts in word and deed, harassment and discrimination are not accepted.

Standing Stone School News & Information

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Standing Stone School

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