Mandate to Patients

Oneida E.M.S’ Management team is responsible for ensuring that vulnerable patients entering the healthcare system through the ambulance service are protected and receive the necessary patient care.

Mandate to Employer

Oneida E.M.S oversees a dynamic quality assurance (QA) program that ensures that patient care and transportation of the sick and injured is carried out in accordance with applicable legislation, standards, and procedures.

Complaint and Investigations

Any citizen may inform Investigation Services or Oneida Paramedic Services of any incident related to land or air ambulance services or ambulance communications services in Ontario, where they have reason to believe that the activities of paramedics, ambulance communications officers or other ambulance or communication service staff may be in contravention of the Act, regulations or standards.

  • Oneida Paramedic Service is responsible to conduct investigations to determine if there were any contraventions of the Act, Regulations or the Standards.

Ambulance Certification

Oneida Nation Paramedic Service has been certified by the

Inspection, Certification and Regulatory Compliance Unit to operate an ambulance service in Ontario.

  • Every three (3) years the Service undergoes a formal certification process that ensures compliance with the Land Ambulance Certification Standards.

Commitment to Quality Assurance

  • The Service Provider shall provide evidence that Policies, Procedures, Acts, Legislation and Standards are communicated to staff; and
  • The Service Provider shall provide evidence that the service continuously maintains, enforces and evaluates and where necessary, updates the policy and procedure; and
  • The Service Provider shall provide evidence to demonstrate the Service meets the objectives, standards and policy goals and mandates; and
  • The Service Provider shall provide evidence that the service investigates those instances, where the service failed to meet the objectives, standards or policy goals; and
  • The Service Provider shall provide documentation to demonstrate that recommendations from investigations are addressed to mitigate reoccurrence; and
  • The Service Provider shall provide evidence that the service provides remedial training for staff who demonstrated deficiencies.

Paramedic Work Environment

The uncontrolled pre-hospital setting offers unique environmental challenges because emergency scenes are often small, poorly lit spaces that are chaotic; unfriendly and challenging for life-saving interventions. Emergency scenes are often loud, cluttered, unsafe and unfamiliar places.

In addition to these challenging environmental factors, emotional stressors are often heightened by the presence of panicked family members, curious bystanders and a lack of human and medical resources. These physical and emotional stressors are further compounded by the time sensitive nature of pre-hospital care.

Paramedicine occurs around-the-clock, and often our paramedics endure prolonged shifts that can lead to increased mental and physical fatigue.

Community Paramedicine Program

Our Community Paramedicine Program is a non-emergency, community-based service that focuses on health promotion through education programs and reducing impairment through follow-up assessment of high risk patients who refuse transport after requesting an ambulance.

  • Conducts public education on the use of the 9-1-1 system;
  • Administration of the community’s Public Access

Defibrillation Program;

  • Educating the public by providing training in

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid and how to use a Public Access Defibrillator; and

  • Seniors fall assessment and prevention tips.

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