fire_photo_webThe Oneida Fire Department is dedicated to protecting life and property by providing the community with fire safety, safety education, fire prevention programs, fire fighting services and responding to medical calls and related emergencies with professionally trained personnel, using teamwork and the resources provided by the community.

The Oneida Fire Department is a composite fire service that has (26) volunteer firefighters and (1) full time Fire Chief. The Oneida Fire Department also responds to the county of Middlesex when requested or as part of a Mutual Aid Agreement.

Education and On-going Training

Firefighting is a challenging career that requires firefighters to train for medical emergencies, traumatic injuries and fire suppression. Oneida Fire Service takes time to train on a regular basis. The service is committed to being ready to respond at all times. One of the keys to being ready is regular and pertinent training.

Our Goals

The goal of the Oneida Fire Department is to minimize loss of life and property for the Nation and neighbouring areas, from fires, natural disasters, and life-threatening situations and to assist other emergency agencies.

Our Objectives

The objective of the Oneida Fire Department is to perform these essential services in an efficient manner by maintaining effective fire prevention, emergency response, fire suppression and training.

Tiered Response

Paramedics, firefighters, and police officers respond to emergency calls involving ill and injured people under a formal agreement – the tiered response program. The intent is to get a professional responder to an emergency scene quickly as possible. Firefighters and police officers provide valuable assistance to paramedics at such times. Oneida Fire has entered into such an agreement with the London Central Ambulance Communications Centre to respond to specific medical emergency situations when the ambulance is delayed. Through this agreement, paramedics, firefighters, and police officers work together to aid ill and injured people

Glenn Hill

Oneida Fire Chief

Oneida Nation Fire Department

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