Public Works Update: What’s happening with Oneida Public Works!

Look forward to regular Public Works updates. Here’s what’s happening at Oneida this week:


Fairgrounds Road Construction

  • The tender has been awarded to J-ARR Civil Infrastructures Limited.
  • Construction will begin at the start of August.
  • The project is expected to be completed by October 30.
  • A pre-site meeting is scheduled for July.

Gravel Roads

  • Due to the heat warning, calcium application will take place next week. When this happens, there will be increased dust at first.
  • Nicholas, William, and Iroquois roads resurfacing was completed last week.

Building Maintenance

Band Rep Building

  • Concrete pouring will continue this week, with all foundation walls expected to be poured by the end of the week. The project remains on schedule.

New Equipment

  • Our new dump truck arrived last week and is in service. (Picture Below)

Ongoing Work

  • Crews will continue retrieving gravel from the ditches and reconstructing shoulders on Fairgrounds Road South.
  • Roadside grass cutting will continue this week.
  • Recycling bins are arriving today. Communication will be going to community members to pick up a bin.

For any questions, please contact Ron Elijah at