Public Safety @ Oneida

December 5 , 2024

Chief and Council place a high priority on public safety, and it’s equally important to us to keep you informed about what’s happening. Please feel free to connect with our Public Safety Councilor Portfolio holder, Councilor Alizabeth George-Antone at 519-226-376-0169 or Email:  for more information or to join the Public Safety Committee.

Many thanks to our current members:

Chief Todd Cornelius Councilor Alizabeth George-Antone I/CEO Sherry Antone
Sergeant Jamie Doxtator Constable Corban Nicholas Fire Chief Glenn Hill
EMS Chief Neal Roberts Zelda Elijah Councilor Misty Deleary
Councilor Tekatenyes Doxtator Councilor Rosaline Antone Loredana Wainwright
Ally Gratton Cherilyn Hill Stephanie Antone
Melissa Doxtator Marsha Ireland Tammy Doxtator
Claudine Day

Here’s what you need to know:

Policing Project: Community Needs Assessment Survey on Policing

Thanks to those who took the time to complete the survey. We had a total of 168 respondents (30 online and 138 paper). Some of the key findings from the survey include:

  • More people felt the quality of service was ‘good’ and ‘very good’ (about 50%) rather than ‘poor’ and ‘very poor’ (about 10%) and about 22% felt service was ‘acceptable.’
  • Lack of community patrolling has led to increased feelings of fear amongst some
    community members.
  • Respondents noted response times can be inconsistent.
  • Respondents noted that they wanted more communication and transparency.
  • When asked what the most important issues was, drug trafficking, human trafficking and substance abuse were highest rated. Sexual assault, property crime, and mental health scored the lowest out of all the available options.
  • When asked why those respondents who witnessed a crime didn’t report it, several respondents noted they did not want to attend a courthouse, had a conflict of interest (family member) or that they didn’t know how to report.
  • Respondents indicated that the police force lacks sufficient capital, both financial and human resources.
  • A stand-alone Policing Model is coming in 2025. We are working to create the project team to deliver this important service to our community.

Next Steps

  • The committee intends to study the stand-alone policing model used by First Nations like Six Nations as a potential approach.
  • Communication will be enhanced with quarterly incidence reports and visibility of officers in Oneida communication and in community events.
  • We are looking to re-establish the Justice Circle that will look at our traditional means of restoration.


New Oneida Police Services Hire

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to Constable Rebecca Jamieson, a member of the Oneida Nation, as a new addition to the Oneida Police. This marks a significant milestone, as Jamieson becomes the first woman to join the force in recent years. With her appointment, we now have five officers in place for the community, with further additions to come with the Policing Project.


Jones’ Corner Intersection

Middlesex County has communicated that they intend to install lights at Jones’ Corner pending approval from Hydro One. The committee is actively advocating for swift action, and Middlesex County has indicated that the lights will be installed in Spring 2024. The committee has requested written confirmation and further clarification of the timeline.


CMO Public Safety

Oneida Public Safety team has been meeting with our neighbours in Chippewa and Munsee-Delaware to continue the work started with the CMO Declaration on Drugs.  We will be reviewing and finalizing the CMO Public Safety Terms of Reference shortly and continue to work together on matters that affect our three Nations.


Public Safety Communications Process

The committee outlined the established communication process for Public Safety news dissemination within the community. These will be largely distributed through our social media channels as the immediate Alerts. We realize that not all community members have access to social media and ask for the community’s help in spreading the word to friends and family that you know who have limited access to the internet. Where possible, we will use the Oneida website, radio station, the Oliwase and the marquees outside of our buildings.

  • Public Safety Alert: These notifications are reserved for urgent and immediate information crucial for the safety of the Community.
  • Public Safety Notice: These notifications inform the community of news, information, or provide advance notice of safety measures affecting the community.          



Police Incidence Reports
As done in previous years, we will be publishing quarterly incidents reports starting in January for our community to have a view of what is happening. As always, Oneida Police Services asks for your help by calling 911 for emergencies that you see.

The Public Safety Committee remains committed to addressing the safety concerns of the Oneida Nation of the Thames community and will continue to work towards enhancing public safety measures.