Oneida Nation of the Thames: Vision for 2040 and Exciting Developments with New Investment Corporation  

Our shared Vision for 2040 is to build a Healthy, Prosperous, and Vibrant Community. To help us achieve this, we are excited to announce the establishment of the Oneida Investment Corporation (OIC) and its efforts to drive economic growth and prosperity for Oneida Nation.  

Southwest Ontario is experiencing remarkable economic growth, fueled by unprecedented investments from federal and provincial governments in critical infrastructure over the next decade. This historic economic stimulus has made the region an attractive destination for multinational corporations. Notable developments include the VW-PowerCo EV battery manufacturing plant located 9 miles southeast of Oneida Nation and the new multi-million-dollar agri-foods investment in London by the Italy-based company Andriani Ltd. Additionally, over 200 kilometers of new high-voltage transmission lines and stations will be installed, along with significant increases in power generation and storage capacity to support the rapid growth of various industry sectors. 

To ensure that Oneida Nation capitalizes on these market opportunities, OIC was established in April 2024, with the help of Phil Lee, Oneida’s recently appointed Economic Development Advisor. Phil has worked extensively with First Nations’ communities in the field of investment opportunities. OIC is an arms-length entity of the Oneida Nation of the Thames, and it aims to achieve measurable outcomes in Financial Profitability, Social Impact, Political Empowerment, and Environmental Stewardship. OIC’s activities focus on building a strong portfolio of assets to ensure long-term wealth generation and preservation for Oneida Nation. 

How Can OIC and Investments Benefit the Community? 

Financial Profitability: Successful investments can generate much needed own-source income that supports community projects, infrastructure, and services. 

Social Impact: Investments can create jobs and opportunities for community members, improving overall quality of life. 

Political Empowerment: Economic strength can enhance the community’s influence and decision-making power at local and regional levels. 

Environmental Stewardship: Investing in sustainable and eco-friendly projects helps protect our land and resources for future generations. 

Call for Board of Directors  

OIC is currently in its initial stages and is seeking Oneida members, both on and off the nation, who have experience and education in priority investment sectors to join the corporation as Directors of the Board. This is an excellent opportunity to contribute to the growth and prosperity of our community. The priority investment sectors include: 

Priority 1: ENERGY Infrastructure  

Priority 2: AGRI-FOODS and Agriculture   

Priority 3: WASTE Management Sector  

Priority 4: HOUSING Sector 

Priority 5: Other Alternative Investment Opportunities  

Together, we can build a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant community for generations to come. 

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