The Oneida Nation of the Thames is home to 2,159 residents and has a total membership of 6,108. Located in picturesque southwestern Ontario, the Oneida Nation Settlement Lands border lush and fertile agricultural lands and is nestled along the eastern shore of the Thames River 30 kms south of the City of London, Ontario.


Today’s Oneida Nation of the Thames is a flourishing and vibrant Iroquois community deeply rooted in history, culture and tradition.The Oneida people are known within the Iroquois Confederacy as Onyota’a:ka, “People of the Standing Stone.” Much like their ancestors, the Oneida peoples of today, maintain a deeply rooted connection to the land and to their Iroquois culture and traditions.


Established in 1840, as the “Oneida Settlement” the evolution of this great Nation transforming from an agricultural society into a modern and sophisticated Iroquois community is a demonstration of the forward-thinking of the thought leaders of the past and today’s change agents and social innovators.


Biography: Oneida Nation Chief Sheri Doxtator

Chief Sheri Doxtator is a proud member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames. Born and raised by loving parents, Linda and Harry Doxtator, Sheri is the eldest to siblings Gwen and Krista and an adopted brother, Myeengun. Chief Doxtator is Turtle Clan, her given name, Teyotawunli pronounced DAY YO DAH WUN LEE, meaning travelling woman is her Oneida name.

Living on the Oneida Settlement until age 19, Sheri left her community to pursue her education and attended post secondary institutions in Vancouver, B.C. and Valencia, Spain. Her experiences in not-for-profit management, fundraising, spanish studies, indigenous studies, political science and business opened up a wealth of opportunity, affording her many unique experiences and employment opportunities across North America.

From 2006 to 2010, Chief Doxtator would hold an elected seat on the Oneida Nation Council, a position she looks back upon with great pride and honour. She has sat on various committees, boards and as an executive level board member. She held the seat of President of the Board of Directors for Twataya’Takenhas Incorporated (pronounced DWA DAH YA DAH GIIN HAAS), a for-profit arm of the Oneida Nation of the Thames.

Chief Doxtator provides insight to her role, “The elected chief is accountable to all the people of the Oneida Nation of the Thames. As the top spokesperson for our people, I take my direction from them and by extension the elected Council. Our decision-making process is one of consensus. Our hope is to move forward in the spirit of unity and build upon the strength of our nation. As the elected leadership, we develop key priorities to focus on.”


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