The Oneida Nation of the Thames is a very unique First Nation within Canada. Our Ancestors emigrated to this area from Upper New York State around 1840 and purchased the Settlement Lands which we inhabit to this day.

Oneida Nation of the Thames has maintained and exercised internal management over its lands (unlike most other First Nations in Ontario who are bound by the provisions of the Indian Act). Oneida Nation of the Thames exercises autonomy in matters of Probate, Approving Wills, Land Transfers and maintenance of a Land Registry system. This is with the knowledge and concurrence of the Department of Indigenous Affairs and Northern Development Canada (INAC), who leave the management of our lands and estates to us.

The Lands and Estates Department of Oneida Nation of the Thames strives to provide services to all Oneida members in a courteous, timely and professional manner. It is our goal to provide members with conscientious, fair and impartial services. We are committed to working with a high level of integration and communication with other Oneida Nation of the Thames departments in order to better serve the community needs.

Lands & Estates Resources:

Oneida Nation Lands & Estates Custom Code

Download (PDF, 799KB)

On-Reserve Matrimonial Real Property 

Download (PDF, 276KB)

Matrimonial Real Property Fact Sheet

Download (PDF, 320KB)

We can assist you with:

  • Land transfers, preliminary land surveys, maps, determining land boundaries, issuing Certificates of Possession (CP)
  • Rights of way and legal matters related to land protection
  • Matrimonial Real Property
  • Simple Wills
  • We can help you understand your paperwork related to estates


Lands & Estates and Housing Administrator

Toni Doxtator

Land Research Clerk

Alan Doxtator

Land Surveyor

Ira Doxtator

Land Surveryor

Lands and Estates Forms

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