Call for Tenders – Janitorial Service Contract

  • Contract - 1yr
  • Anywhere



POSTING DATE: March 18, 2024                         CLOSING DATE: 4:00 p.m. March 27, 2024


Contract Period: April 1, 2024 – March 31, 2025


Tenders are now being accepted for a Janitorial Service Contract to clean the following Council Operated Buildings:


  • Oneida Administration Office
  • Oneida Human Resource Office (behind Admin)


This position will require working with noxious cleaning material and will be under the direct supervision of the Director of Operations or designate.



  1. Must possess or be willing to take WHMIS
  2. Must possess and provide copy of WSIB and Liability Insurance
  3. Must complete all work outside of Admin/HR operations (8:30-4:30)
  4. Must provide three work related letters of reference with contact numbers
  5. Must ensure cleaning supplies are properly stored; and provide own vacuum cleaner
  6. Must have previous experience as a Janitor with knowledge of Occupational Health & Safety Standards
  7. Must be reliable, and on call in case of an emergency
  8. Must be able to carry out major cleaning tasks that require physical effort
  9. Must provide names of workers and no subcontracting of Janitorial Services Contract
  10. Successful applicant must provide a vulnerable screening CPIC at own expense


** List of Duties Attached


Tenders must be submitted in a Sealed Envelope to

Oneida Administration Office

No Later than 4:00 p.m. on Friday, March 27, 2024

Clearly marked “Janitorial Services for Admin & Human Resources”

ATTENTION: Executive Assistant


All bids must clearly outline expected fee for services

Lowest Bid Not Necessarily Accepted





Call for Tenders – Janitorial Service Contract

Oneida Administration Building and the Oneida Human Resource Building ( behind Admin)


The following duties are to be completed NIGHTLY in both Buildings:

  1. Ensure all doors, and windows are locked; and set the security alarm when leaving the premises.
  2. All carpet floors to be vacuumed; clean and vacuum mats at all entrances
  3. All vinyl tile floors to be swept and damp mopped. Soiled or stained areas to be cleaned with a light detergent solution.
  4. All cupboards, counter tops and sinks to be cleaned of all dirt, marks and stains.
  5. Clean and disinfect all counters, sinks and toilets; clean mirrors in washrooms
  6. Fill portable hand sanitizers, soap and paper towel dispensers when required
  7. Wash, dry and put away dishes, cups and cutlery
  8. Wipe and clean surface of all appliances (coffee maker, fridge, stove, microwave)
  9. Empty all trash cans and recycle bins and take to the trash/recycle bin behind the HR Portable. Trash cans to be lined with plastic garbage bags.
  10. Wipe down all tables in the Board Room
  11. Dust desks/furniture, and all electronic equipment with non-scratching cloth treated with a dust preventative ingredient


The following additional duties are to be completed WEEKLY in both Buildings:

  1. Ensure all cleaning supplies are stocked and stored neatly at all times in a storage area designated for cleaning supplies
  2. All furniture with fabric materials to be vacuumed weekly, chair trim to be wiped with dust preventative, non-abrasive cleaner.
  3. Clean all doors, door frames, and door knobs,
  4. Clean all walls and ceilings of cobwebs


The following additional duties are to be completed MONTHLY in both Buildings:

  1. Ordering of supplies when required. (Supplies will be ordered via Purchase Order to the supplier)
  2. Clean all spots off the walls and doors, clean window sills, tops of shelves
  3. Clean interior of windows without leaving any streaks (to be completed during the summer months)
  4. Clean exterior of windows without leaving any streaks (to be completed during the Summer months)


The following additional duties are to be completed in both Buildings during the 2 week Christmas Closure:

  1. Remove cover from smoke alarms and vacuum out, test each unit to ensure that it is functioning properly
  2. Wipe off dust from baseboard heaters and use bristly nozzle to vacuum elements without damaging them
  3. All floors and stairs to be stripped of old wax, and resealed with a solvent based sealer compatible with the flooring material; wax and machine buff to restore bright finish.
  4. Shampoo and steam clean all carpets.



To apply for this job email your details to