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The Community Health Program in Oneida provides a range of public health programs and services that evolves around health promotion, illness and injury prevention, and health maintenance. The Community Health Program is delivered by Registered Nurses with certification in Community Health Nursing, and Community Health Representatives, who hold a diploma in Native Community Care with Counseling and Program Development.

Community Health Nurses and Community Health Representatives work as a team to provide programs and services such as: immunization; communicable/infectious disease control and surveillance, prenatal education, environmental health services (drinking water testing, assist with environmental health inspections); foot-care assessments; blood pressure/blood sugar screening; preschool assessments; first aide; referrals; home visits; counseling; health workshops; emergency preparedness and disaster planning; advocacy; rabies program; non-insured health benefit inquiries(i.e. dental, vision, medication, equipment) collaborates and partners with other community based programs and external health care providers.


As you may know, through the Non-insured Health Benefits (NIHB) Program, eligible clients may access a range of health related benefits including medications, dental benefits, medical supplies and equipment, vision care, mental health counselling and transportation to medical appointments. To be eligible for NIHB Program benefits, a First Nations person must be registered under the Indian Act with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC).

A report on “Access to Health Services for Remote First Nations Communities,” tabled as part of the spring 2015 report of the Auditor General of Canada, identified that some First Nations individuals had not registered and therefore may not be able to access benefits under the NIHB Program.

In order to allow parents time to register their children, infants up to eighteen (18) months of age may access NIHB benefits under a parent who is NIHB eligible.  It is important to note that after this period of time registration is required to ensure continued eligibility for NIHB benefits.

Registering is an individual choice; however, Health Canada wants to raise awareness of the importance of registration to ensure access to benefits under the NIHB Program.

Health facilities can be a convenient place where interested parents can get information about the registration process.  We have included a copy of the AANDC registration material.  These application forms are also available on the Internet at:

https://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100032776/1100100032782 or


The brochure, “Are you eligible?” is also a useful resource.  It can be found at:

https://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng/1100100032472/1100100032473 or


You may wish make these available in an area where clients will have access to them, including any prenatal programs.

Questions regarding this information can be referred to AANDC at 1-800-567-9604 or Indigenous Services Canada, Ontario Region client line for NIHB questions at 1-800-640-0642.

Health Care Programs and Services

Home & Community Care

Our comprehensive home and community care services respect Iroquois traditional, holistic and contemporary approaches to healing and wellness.

Aging at Home Program

The Aging At Home Program provides safe and effective support to seniors age 55+. The Aging at Home Program allows seniors to live independently in their own homes and community.

Long Term Care

The Long Term Care Program is coordinated by the Home Care Program to provide service to individuals (adults and seniors) with a chronic illness and/or disabilities.

Mental Health

The Mental Health Program is a community-based program, providing a range of mental health programs and services that address mental health promotion and education, and counseling support.

Medical Transportation

Oneida Nation Medical Transportation Services program offers eligible Oneida clients non-emergency medical transportation services assistance.


The goal of the NNADAP program is to reduce the high levels of alcohol, drug and other substance abuse by increasing awareness and understanding among community members


Health Canada provides eligible First Nations people and Inuit with medically necessary health-related goods and services when they are not covered through private insurance plans or provincial/territorial health and social programs.

Maternal Child Health Promotion

The goal of the program is to improve health outcomes for pregnant First Nations women and families with infants and young children who live on reserve.

Youth Prevention Program

The Youth Prevention Program (YPP) provides positive programming and activities for our youth and is aimed at enhancing cultural awareness.

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Community Health Nurse

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Community Health Representative

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Elizabeth Antone

Health Reception-Clerk

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