The Emergency Services Division is comprised of dedicated professionals who apply their specialized  training, skills, knowledge and experience no matter the time of day, weather conditions or danger they face.

Healing Lodge: the Operations Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the Oneida Family Healing Lodge provides safety, shelter, crisis intervention, supports and referrals in an effort to promote healing to abused families and individuals. (Please See Administration)

Fire Department: the Fire Chief is responsible for coordinating fire protection services for the community. This includes ensuring that volunteers are available to carry out the fire protection mandate and that volunteer staff are trained in the responsibilities of their respective roles.

 Paramedic Service:  the Chief of Paramedics is responsible for ensuring that the service meets or exceeds all of the benchmarks prescribed in the Land Ambulance Service Certification to ensure that Oneida Nation maintains a License to Operate an Ambulance.  Additional, the management team is responsible for ensuring that all people that are entering the health care system through the ambulance system receive appropriate assessment, treatment and transportation to the closest most appropriate hospital.

Oneida Emergency Services Divison

Oneida Emergency Services Division
2089 Ballpark Road
Southwold, ON,
N0L 2G0
Tel:  (519) 652-9916
Fax: (519) 652-7154