• We are Onyota’a:ka, the People of the Standing Stone

    The Oneida people are known within the Iroquois Confederacy as Onyota’a:ka, “People of the Standing Stone.” Much like their ancestors, the Oneida peoples of today, maintain a deeply rooted connection to the land and to their Iroquois culture and traditions.

Our People

We believe our collective and individual contributions to our community are essential in achieving long-term prosperity and social well-being.

Our Culture

We recognize and affirm the teachings of the Great Law of Peace and will remember our history and honour our connection to mother earth.

Our Community

We are open to exploring economic opportunities and social innovation approaches to sustainable development in our community.

Comprehensive Community Plan

Oneida would like to invite all members of Oneida Nation of the Thames to participate in the Comprehensive Community Plan. Please copy and paste the link below to participate.


About Oneida Nation of the Thames

Today’s Oneida Nation of the Thames is a flourishing and vibrant Iroquois community. The Oneida Nation of the Thames, like other Iroquois Nation’s is a sovereign independent Nation with its own traditional hereditary and contemporary systems of governance and law.

Established in 1840, as the “Oneida Settlement” the evolution of this great Nation transforming from an agricultural society into a modern and versatile Iroquois community.

The Oneida Nation of the Thames is home to 2,179 residents and has a total membership of 6,393. Located in picturesque southwestern Ontario, the Oneida Nation Settlement borders lush and fertile agricultural lands and is nestled along the eastern shore of the Thames River 30 kilometers south of the City of London. The Oneida Nation of the Thames is close neighbour and friend to the Chippewas of the Thames and Munsee-Delaware Nation, respectively.

We are the spirit of our community

“We will find good ways to work together, to ensure our community is a safe, healthy, vibrant, prosperous and economically viable Iroquois Nation; where all people can fully participate in community life.” Oneida Nation Council.

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